Montreal: A Fun-Filled 2-Day Adventure!

Immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of Montreal, Canada on this two-day adventure. From exploring the cobblestone streets of Old Montreal to sampling local delicacies in the bustling Jean Talon Market and taking in the city’s stunning skyline from the top of Mont Royal, this itinerary promises a fun-filled journey through one of Canada’s most beautiful cities.


Day 1:

• Start your day in Old Montreal, the city’s oldest neighborhood. Take a stroll down cobblestone streets, admire the architecture, and explore some of the area’s unique shops and boutiques.

• Stop by Notre-Dame Basilica, a stunning example of Gothic Revival architecture. Take a guided tour to learn more about its history and marvel at its ornate interior.

• Head to the Jean Talon Market, one of the largest open-air markets in North America. Sample local delicacies, shop for fresh produce, and browse through artisanal goods.

• Spend your evening in Chinatown. Take a culinary tour to sample some of the best Chinese dishes that Montreal has to offer or explore some of the area’s unique shops and boutiques.

Day 2:

• Begin your day with a visit to Mont Royal Park. Take a hike up the mountain for stunning views of the city or wander through its lush gardens and wooded trails.

• Head to Plateau Mont-Royal for lunch. Try some of the area’s famous smoked meat sandwiches or sample traditional Quebecois dishes like poutine and tourtière.

• Spend your afternoon exploring Parc La Fontaine, Montreal’s largest park. Rent a paddle boat or explore its picturesque paths and gardens.

• End your day with a visit to St. Joseph’s Oratory, one of the world’s largest churches. Admire its impressive dome and take in views of downtown Montreal from its observation deck.


• For breakfast: L’Avenue Café – Try their signature avocado toast with poached eggs and smoked salmon

• For lunch: Schwartz’s Deli – Sample their classic smoked meat sandwich

• For dinner: Restaurant Le Filet – Enjoy their delicious bison steak with truffle mashed potatoes


Hôtel Monville – This chic hotel is centrally located in downtown Montreal and offers modern rooms with stunning views of the city skyline. It also features an onsite restaurant and bar for convenient dining options.


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