Paris Pet-tacular: A 5-Day Pet-Friendly Adventure

Spend five days exploring the most pet-friendly spots in Paris with your four-legged sidekick. Take a leisurely stroll through the Tuileries Garden, visit the Catacombs, and sample some of the city’s best pet-friendly restaurants. Stroll along the banks of the Seine, explore the Petit Palais, and spend a day at the Jardin du Luxembourg. Enjoy a stay in a pet-friendly hotel and make sure your furry friend has an unforgettable trip to Paris.


Day 1: Get Acquainted with Paris

Start your day by taking a leisurely stroll through the Tuileries Garden, where you can take in the sights and smells of this beautiful park. Afterward, head to the Catacombs for a unique underground experience. End your day by sampling some of the city’s best pet-friendly restaurants.

Day 2: Explore the Seine

Spend the day strolling along the banks of the Seine, taking in all of its beauty and charm. Stop for lunch at one of the many pet-friendly restaurants along the river. In the evening, take a romantic boat ride along the river and enjoy the views of the city at night.

Day 3: Visit Petit Palais & Jardin du Luxembourg

Spend your morning exploring the Petit Palais, which is home to some of Paris’ most impressive works of art. Afterward, head to Jardin du Luxembourg for a day of relaxation and exploration. Don’t forget to take some time to relax in one of the many pet-friendly cafes in the area.

Day 4: Shopping & Sightseeing

Spend your day shopping in some of Paris’ most popular pet-friendly stores. From pet boutiques to pet supplies stores, there are plenty of options for both you and your furry friend. In the evening, take a stroll down Champs Elysees for some sightseeing and people watching.

Day 5: Relax & Enjoy

Take a break from sightseeing and spend your final day in Paris relaxing and enjoying each other’s company. Visit one of the many pet-friendly parks or take a leisurely stroll through some of Paris’ most picturesque neighborhoods. End your day with a delicious dinner at one of Paris’ pet-friendly restaurants.


• La Maison du Jardin (Petit Palais): Try their signature dish – steak tartare with truffle fries!

• Café des Deux Moulins (Champs Elysees): Indulge in their famous steak frites and don’t forget to try one of their delicious desserts!

• Le Petit Bistrot (Tuileries Garden): Enjoy their signature dish – duck confit with mashed potatoes!

• Le Bistrot des Artistes (Seine): Sample their delicious seafood dishes and don’t forget to try their house special – mussels in white wine sauce!


For your stay in Paris, we recommend staying at Hotel de la Place des Vosges. This charming hotel is located in one of Paris’ oldest neighborhoods and is just steps away from some of the city’s best attractions. Plus, it is pet friendly so you can bring your furry friend along for your stay!


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